Monday, April 2, 2018

Program Your Life Today!

If wizards are zookeepers. And sorcerers are locomotives. What does that make psions?

Imagine a World Computer. It's computations result in cause and effect, and time itself. It's not the source of space and matter, but it organizes it all according to its programming.

Psions are its programmers. They discovered the World Computer a long time ago and figured out its code. They manipulate probability and causality by sending it mental code to get what they want. But they have to speak the computer's language

The World Computer only understands binary relationships. Love-Hate. Death-Life. Create-Destroy. Bitter-Sweet. Obviously psions are capable of understanding concepts more complex than this, but to the World Computer it's all 1s and 0s. Psions have to speak to the World Computer in its own language if they want to get any results.

by Dio Mahesa


A: Psionic Programming, +1PP, +1PD, +1RR
B: Living in the Database, +1PP, +1PD, +1 RR
C: The Third Integer, +1PP, +1PD, +1RR
D: Master of Minds, +1PP, +1PD,+1RR

Psionic Programming
You manipulate probability and causality by speaking to the World Computer.

You speak to the World Computer with Programming Dice (PD). You start with 1PD and gain +1 PD per Psion template up to a maximum of 4. 

When you want to invoke a Psionic Power (see below) you invest any number of PD. The number of [even] or [odd] dice rolled determines which power you invoke, which is affected by the [sum] rolled or the number of [dice] invested.

You start with 1 Re-Roll (RR) and gain +1 RR per Psion template up to a maximum of 4. You can spend 1 RR to re-roll up to 4PD. All RRs come back at dawn.

PD do not go away. Instead psions lose the ability to program the world computer in their favor over the course of the day by spending RR.

Living in the Database
Each morning roll 2d20 and record the results for each. Throughout the day you can replace the results of any d20 roll with one of the results from those d20. You can only use one result once.

The Third Integer
Chose a psionic power that you know. Once per day you can invoke both sides of that power simultaneously. 

Master of Minds
Learn 4 psionic powers or create your own (DM's discretion.)

by Cuba Lee

Psionic Powers
Psionic Powers (PP) are binary relationships. The number of [even] and [odd] dice determines which side of that binary relationship you invoke. If the number of [even] and [odd] dice is equal, you get to chose which side you invoke.

[even]: You create something nonmagical. It exists for [dice] rounds.
[odd]: You destroy something. If that something is a creature it gets a Save at -[dice] to avoid obliteration.

[even]: You restore [dice]+[sum] hit points to a creature.
[odd]: You deal [dice]+[sum] damage to a creature.

[even]: You charm a creature for [dice] rounds, granting you +[dice] on reaction rolls.
[odd]: You repulse a creature. It will stay [dice]x10ft away from you for [dice] rounds, granting you -[dice] on reaction rolls.

[even]: You move something to a location [dice]x10ft away.
[odd]: You immobilize something for [dice] rounds. It can't move but can still interact and attack.

[even]: You create a loud ruckus that deafens all creatures in a [dice]x10ft area for [dice] rounds.
[odd]: All sound within a [dice]x10ft area is silenced for [dice] rounds.

[even]: You grant a creature +[dice] to Move and Initiative rolls and they can make an extra attack for [dice] rounds.
[odd]: You give a creature -[dice] to Move and Initiative rolls and they can only Move or Attack on their turn for [dice] rounds.

[even]: You manipulate a creature's metabolism so it can go without food or drink for [dice] days
[odd]: You manipulate a creature's metabolism so it requires twice the normal amount of food and drink for [dice] days.

[even]: You summon a small fire in your palm that radiates light up to 10 ft. If 2+ PD was invested you can throw the fire for [dice]*d6 damage.
[odd]: Your finger tips drip a cold mist. The next thing you touch is flash-frozen for [dice] rounds and takes d6 freezing damage a round.

[even]: You gain a fly speed for [dice] rounds.
[odd]: You become ethereal for [dice] rounds and can pass through solid material.

[even]: You cure one disease, poison, or ailment afflicting a creature.
[odd]: You afflict a creature with an ailment. The ailment must be one you know of but not necessarily experienced.

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