Friday, July 28, 2017

I'm Back!

Let me fist start off by pointing out the obvious. I haven't made a post on this blog since well over a month.

My attention over this past month has been snatched by my second love in life MMORPGs. While old fashioned pen and paper RPGs are still my queen, it's nice to sneak out of the metaphorical house and full around with the virtual digital variety once in awhile.

The MMORPG I've been pouring my most into was a World of Warcraft private server by the name of Felmyst. Unfortunately the project died on arrival and I've been in a sort of shell shock since.

I don't think I would be in this state if it wasn't for the fact that I've been off of work since Tuesday morning. Right now I have an interesting schedule were I work a week straight then get to enjoy another week of luxury. Did I mention I work overnights? It is a weird schedule but at the moment it's the only way I'll get the hours I need to survive and deep down I don't really mind it.

The one downside is that I have a metric ton of free time. I'm the kind of person that gets satisfaction out of a full days work. I work my 9 hours, fiddle around a little bit at home, go to sleep, and repeat the process. But with work cut out of the equation I've found my recent days to be fleeting. I thought all this time off would be invigorating but instead it's just boring.

So I thought I would return to some old projects (of which one of is this blog) and work on them to enrich my life a little. I don't know what I have planned next. Maybe a review of Swordfish Islands since the pdfs have been sitting in my hard drive for weeks and I've already received the zine.