Tuesday, June 12, 2018

GLOG: Class: Seraph

You gain +1 HP for every Seraph template you possess.

A Forge, Vestments
B Soul Fire, Break, Enchant
C Heavy Eater
D Kaioken

You can pay 1 HP to materialize a weapon of any type in your hand. This weapon is called a caliber. Only you can wield your caliber. If it leaves your hands, it vanishes. If you throw a caliber, the Attack resolves first before it vanishes.

You gain +2 Defense against Melee Attacks for every Seraph template you possess. This bonus is only active if you're wearing no armor and carrying a weapon no larger than a dagger.

Soul Fire
When you hit with an Attack using one of your calibers, you can pay X HP to deal 2X additional damage to your target.

You can pay X HP to break one of your calibers and deal X damage in a [your number of templates]*10' radius. You ignore the damage.

When you use your Forge ability, you can pay an additional d6 HP to give your caliber a minor magical effect. Minor magical effects don't boost stats nor can they force a target to Save.

Heavy Eater
If you consume double the required rations when taking a lunch, you restore an additional d6 HP.

Once per day can pay d8 HP to increase your Attack and Movement each by the amount of HP lost until the end of the round.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

SDWC: Rules: Character Generation

This is how you make a character in Sex, Drugs, and Walled Cities.

1. Generate Ability Scores.
Roll your stats using the following method. Roll 4d6k3. Then assign that result to one ability. Repeat 5 more times and consult the chart below.

chart by Michael Bacon

2. Roll a Failed Career.
Your failed career was the nine-to-five you slaved away at before fate plucked you off your ass and buried you underneath a world of crime and violence.

Your failed career counts as a wheelhouse because it offered you some inside knowledge that your average Joe wouldn't know when you were working it.

3. Choose a Wheelhouse
Wheelhouses are overarching skills that you picked up in your life. Your Failed Career counts as one of them. Now you get to pick a second one.

Some classes offer you extra wheelhouses and you can invest time and money to learn more.

4. Choose a Class
Pick a class from the list. You gain Template A as well as any extras attached to the class.

5. Generate Derived Scores

Hit Points at first level = 6+Con mod.
After level 1 you gain d6+Con mod HP per level.

Stealth = 5+Dex mod-Encumbrance.

Move = 12+Dex mod-Encumbrance.

Save = 5+Cha mod+your number of templates.

Inventory = Strength Score+2.

6. Name your character
Pick a (un)suitable name for your character that slum dogs will remember for decades to come.

by Ehsan Fazeli

Sunday, June 3, 2018

SDWC: Race: Gongwarped Fishermen

Known colloquially as Gongheads, Gonks, Gongies, and Fush, Gongwarped Fishermen are mutant fish men that like to inhabit the liquid-veins of Gathox.

Additional Starting Equipment: Port-o-Lung, Freakshow Science Kit
Primary Ability: Intelligence

The Port-o-Lung is an invention that Gongwarped strap to their gills to allow them to convert oxygen from air. It takes up 1 inventory slot and if the Gongwarped is ever separated from their Port-o-Lung the Fish effect below applies to them.
The Freakshow Science Kit is a toolset of scientific instruments that allows the Fishermen to create their Mutant Freaks (see below.) It takes up 1 slot of inventory.

Gongwarped Fishermen begin with two random mutations from their player's favorite mutation table.

Gongwarped Fishermen can't breathe air. They can hold their breath for a number of minutes equal to their Constitution score. After this time they die from asphyxiation.

Team: Freakshow
Gongwarped Fishermen are masters of a pseudo-Frankenstein brand of science. As a result they are very adapt at stitching together Mutant Freaks.

Stitching together a Mutant Freak requires a flesh investment. The Fisherman can chose to take either 1d6, 2d6, or 3d6 Flesh damage. HP lost from taking Flesh damage is lost permanently, but if the Freak dies the Fisherman gains the HP back as the flesh crawls back to its body. The result is also the Freak's Loyalty score.

The Fisherman can invest Harvested Flesh when he rolls Flesh damage. Harvested Flesh is an item that takes up one slot worth of inventory. Harvested flesh can be harvested from fallen enemies at a rate of 1 per Turn up the the creature's HD. Alternatively it can be bought on the black market for 20gp a unit. Investing Harvested Flesh reduces Flesh damage by 1 point per unit invested.

One Fisherman can stitch together a 1 HD Assemblage.

Two Fisherman can stitch together a 2 HD Fresh Meat.

Three Fishermen can stitch together a 4 HD From the Depths.

Four Fishermen can stitch together a 6 HD Stitched One.

The DM has the rest of the Mutant Freak's statistics and special abilities.

by David Lewis Johnson

Saturday, June 2, 2018

SDWC: Class: Scoundrels

Life in Gathox is like having your cake and watching someone else eat it. That someone else is the Scoundrel.

Scoundrels embody Gathox. Lie. Cheat. Steal. Reach the top. Get sent packing by the new hotness. Start all over again.

Playing the Scoundrel is like stepping into the shoes of Han Solo or Indiana Jones. You possess no super human traits. What you do have is your wits, a lot of luck, and questionable morals.

Class: Scoundrel

Starting Equipment: Leather armor, 2 daggers, handgun, 20 ammo, [1. Burgling Kit 2. Forgery Kit 3. Disguise Kit]

Kits are small toolsets that take up one inventory slot, but provide bonuses to the situations they're relevant to.
Burling Kits are relevant in situations in which you need to get into somewhere you're not supposed to be.
Forgery Kits are relevant in situations in which you need to copy a document or image that doesn't belong to you.
Disguise Kits are relevant in situations in which you need to be someone that you are not.

A: Know it All, Shoot First
B: A Little Luck
C: I Know A Guy
D: A Lot of Luck, Time to Leave

You gain +1 Stealth for each Scoundrel template you possess.

Know it All
You gain two additional wheelhouses.

Shoot First
If you surprise an opponent, your first attack against them during the first round of combat gets +2 Attack and deals +X damage where X is your [templates]*2.

A Little Luck
Once per day you can re-roll a non-damage roll.

I Know A Guy
Once per day, you can declare something you need. Invent an NPC and describe them. They have the thing you need and are willing to give it to you for a price. The DM determines your standings with this NPC.

A Lot of Luck
You gain an additional use of your "A Little Luck" ability. Additionally, one ally can re-roll a non-damage roll as long as it's reasonable that you were able to assist them.

Time to Leave
Once per day you can escape from something that is restraining you and that you could plausibly escape from. This includes grapples, lynchings, and awkward social situations, but not sealed coffins.

by Catalin Bercea