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GLOG: Class: Druid / Sir do you Realize how Fae you were Going?

Druids are to the Animal Kingdom what Clerics are to humans.

Starting Equipment: Druid Badge, Tchotchke Bag, Druid Chalk

A Druid Badge signifies your authority in the Animal Kingdom. Most humans don't recognize its significance, but animals definitely do.  

Druid Chalk is an ordinary piece of chalk given to all Druids once they take up the cause. It's enchanted so whenever a door is drawn near nature, the door becomes real and the Druid can use it to enter Fae Court. Otherwise it's just ordinary chalk. If a Druid loses his Druid Chalk it will find its way back to them in d3+2 days.

A: +1 CD, +1 Spell Slot, +2 Spells(1-6), Wildspeak
B: +1 CD, +1 Spell Slot, +1 Spell (1-8), Tchotchkes
C: +1 CD,+1 Spell Slot, +1 Spell (1-10), Survivalist
D: +1 CD, +1 Spell Slot, Deputize

You gain+1 Casting Dice (CD) and +1 Spell Slot for each Druid template you possess, up to a maximum of 4 each.

When you first gain a Druid template, you must choose a Druidic Circle from the list below. Later you can submit a transfer to Fae Court to change your circle, pending its approval.

You can talk to animals and plants.

Most animals will be willing to talk once they realize you're a druid, or flash your druid badge.

Plants are less sociable and don't have a lot to say. Getting one or two words out of a plant requires a successful Charisma check.

Druid spells come from fae spirits and they hate stuffy scrolls and books. As a result Druid spells can only be moved to a tchotchke.

A tchotchke is a small magic object decorated with paint and baubles. They're no bigger than your palm, and they function like a druid specific super charged scroll.

Making a tchotchke requires a Tchotcke bag, which contains enough supplies to create one tchotchke. You can buy more bags from Fae Court for 30 gold pieces each.

Once you've created the tchotchke, you can move a spell into it. Then roll 4d4. The result is the tchotchke's Integrity. Whenever you use the tchotchke roll a d20. If you roll over the tchotcke's integrity, it loses d6 integrity. When a fetish reaches zero integrity, it breaks, causing a mishap and unleashing the spell into the wild.

Tchotchkes aren't destroyed after being used and they can be used more than once a day. A druid or wizard can't move the spell inside the tchotchke once it's been moved to one. The spell will only exit the tchotchke when it's destroyed.

Choose one of the following:

Forager: You can gather d4+2 worth of rations by foraging in the wild. Foraging takes 6 hours. Additionally you can tell when food and water is safe to consume.

Scavenger: You can forge items from natural materials. 2 slots worth of materials is enough to make two light weapons, one medium weapon, a longbow and 20 arrows, or a wooden shield.

Sleeper: You can rest anywhere, under any conditions, and no longer require a campsite, fire etc.

Cataloger: You can identify any natural fauna or flora.

You can enlist a member of the Animal Kingdom as a temporary deputy.

The conditions and compensation of the enlistment must be written down and submitted to Fae Court, pending approval of course.

Most animals will be willing to work for an extended period of time if their needs are met. Their compensation could vary from food to gold to a good scratching behind the ears.

By Inkognit
List of Druid Circles

Woodland Protector

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