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GLOG: Druid Circle: Woodland Protector

A long time ago the Squirrel Princess was singing on her branch-balcony when a terrible hawk snatched her away for lunch. Her father, the Earl of Squirrels, was outraged.

The Earl sent word to all the lords of the Woodland Realm and they convened at his court. It is there that they decided they were done living their lives in constant fear from their predators.

The Woodland lords and their constituents drafted a declaration of war and presented it to the Unseelie Court. Unfortunately the declaration was declined by the court, cited as "petty" and "selfish."

Then the Woodland lords presented their declaration to the Seelie Court, and again it was denied. But the gentle adjudicators of that court offered the Woodland lords a trial.

The prosecution was of course the Woodland lords. The defendants their predators. Acting as judge was illustrious Prince Obristo of the Faerie Clan of Yarnborough.

The trial was long and arduous but eventually a settlement was met. A law was put into place forbidding the hunting of the Woodland lords and their constituents. To enforce this law, the Seelie Court conscripted a special unit of Druids that would work closely with the Woodland Lords to ensure their protection.

This special unit was dubbed the Woodland Protectors.

by Diego Rodriguez

Woodland Protector

Keeping with the police metaphor, Woodland Protectors are more like boy/girl scouts than full fledged officers.

They are given special privileges by the Woodland Lords in the form of conscripted soldiers. Squirrel Knights, Raccoon Spies, and Siege Platypuses are all on standby to assist the Protector at a moment's notice.

However they are enchanted to be easily swayed by authority figures. Most druids are not critter sized and the lords realize this. They want to keep their protectors gullible and trusting.


  • If a critter is in danger, you must answer the call to protect them. Refusal to due so results in a revocation of your spellcasting ability. Said revocation may be disputed in Fae Court. A critter is defined as a non-predatory mammal no bigger than a capybara, a non-raptorial bird, or a frog.
  • You're terrible when it comes to dealing with mayors, kings, lords, and authority figures. -4 to your Charisma checks when trying to convince them.


  • When you level, instead of learning a random spell you may choose to learn wildshape if you don't already know it.
  • Whenever you deal damage with one of your spells, you call that many critters to arms. The critters obey your commands and fight for you. They act on their own initiative and function as a horde.*
  • Whenever you cast the Bigify spell on yourself and you know wildshape, you can choose to shapeshift into a giant animal. A giant animal is defined as any animal bigger than a wagon.


  1. Befriend
  2. Smolize
  3. Bigify
  4. Wildshape
  5. Aura of Innocence
  6. Goodberry
  7. Raucous Joy
  8. Flamestart
  9. Cloud of Faeries
  10. Fireseed

R: 50' T: creature D [dice] hours
You charm a creature. A charmed creature will place themselves into danger for you, up to and including combat, but will not take on extreme risk.
If you invested 4 [dice] or more, the duration becomes permanent.

R: touch T: creature D: [sum] minutes
You shrink a creature to a fourth of its original size, causing them to lose [dice] HD and deal -[dice] damage (minimum 1HD and 1 damage). The creature gets a Save to negate the effect.

R: touch T: creature D: [sum] minutes
You grow a creature to four times its original size, granting them [dice] HD and +[dice] damage. Unwilling creatures get a Save to negate the effect.

R: 0' T: self D: [dice]*10 minutes
You shapeshift into an animal of your choice. The animal can be no bigger than a horse. The animal's stats are overlaid onto your own, but you maintain your own mental aptitude. Your DM has their stats.

Aura of Innocence
R: 0 T: self D: [dice] rounds
You emit pure innocence, causing creatures to want to avoid harming you. Before a creature attacks you, they roll a d6. On a roll of [dice] or less, they have to redirect their attack or give it up.

R: 50' T: ground D: instant
You grow a goodberry bush that bares [sum] berries. Each berry restores 1 HP when eaten. If two or more dice are invested, the berries restore d4 hit points each. The berries shrivel away at dawn the next day.

Cloud of Faeries
R: 200 T: [dice]x20' area D: [dice] rounds
You summon a kaleidoscope of faeries equipped with toothpick-swords. They fly around hostile creatures and sting them like angry hornets. The combined efforts of the faeries deals d6+[dice] damage per round.

Raucous Joy
R: 50' T: [dice] creatures D: [dice] rounds
You infect a creature with overwhelming joy, which causes them to fall to the floor laughing uncontrollably for [dice] rounds. They get a Save at -2 to negate the effects.

R: 0 T: 1 creature D: [dice] turns
You summon a small flame at your fingertips that emits light up to [dice]x10'. If 2 or more dice was invested, you can throw the flame for [dice]xd6 damage. The flame ignites clothes and flammable objects.

Fire Seed
R: 0 T: palm of the hand D: [sum] minutes
You grow a group of fire seeds in your palm or the palm of another creature. The fire seeds can be thrown up to 40' and deal 1d8+[dice] damage in a 10' area. If the fire seeds are not thrown, they will explode in [sum] minutes from being grown.

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