Friday, April 20, 2018

The Eleven Epochs of Elsai

Arnold K is whipping the horses. Skerple is riding shotgun. Dunkey Halton is still trying to make room in the backseat. And now it's my turn to jump on this bandwagon.

Hemisaurgnath Epoch, aka the Foundation
A race of space-faring lizardmen known as the Skarazi discover the budding core of a world and construct Skarazi Gamma 8, or SG8, a space station the size and shape of a planetary ring system. They begin to collect kindling metals such as Iron and Zinc until the core is lit.

Terraphysis Epoch, aka One Small Step for Lizard-kind
The Skarazi take the first steps on their new planet. They name is Elsai, which mean "hatchery mother" in their tongue. The landscape is arid, rocky, and barren, just the way the Skarazi like it.

Archihylo Epoch, aka the Fae Invasion
Skarazi detect an infection of Fae on Elsai. Measures are taken to quarantine the infection. Glassl domes encircle spreading forests to stop ensuing oxygenation. Quarantine is successful, but ecological changes make the planet unsuitable for Skarazi life. A majority leave Elsai behind and abandon SG8 to disappear behind the stars. A small majority dig in in more arid regions of Elsai, or on SG8 itself. 

Xenoteuthis Epoch, aka Elder Things Cometh
Elder Things arrive on Elsai, bringing with them primitive man in the form of homo erectus as slaves, and construct eight cyclopean settlements from obsidian steel. They hide their secrets there, but none know why.

Hylobellum Epoch, aka Two Epochs Later
Elder Things accidentally break the quarantine established by the Skarazi. A war ensues between fae and elder forces. Elder Things are victorious and the Fae are never the same afterwards.

Exoteuthis Epoch, aka the Exodus
The Elder Things abandon Elsai for unknown reasons, and like their forebears, disappear behind the stars. At this point SG8 has deteriorated; massive chunks of metal begin to bombard Elsai. Homo erectus is left behind for unknown reasons.

Homoascensus Era, aka Rise of Man
Homo Erectus grows in intelligence thanks to constant contact with the Elder Things' settlements and takes up the mantle of Man. Man re-organize into eight great city-states.

Modernis Urbanis Epoch, aka Tensions Rising
Man continues to prosper and evolve. Man obtains a level of advancement similar with mid-80s level of technology. The Eight Great City States begin to butt heads

Explocalypso Epoch, aka Everything Explodes
Everything explodes. Man somehow survives. Those men that remember die off and fail to fling the lessons of the past into the future. It is at this time that the Godling Gathox arrives on Elsai. It is not known if its arrival was a cause or result of the Explocalypse.

Tenebrae Epoch, aka Crawling out of the Woodworks
Forces native and foreign to Elsai begin to invade. Their target is the Eight Great Cities for unknown reasons. Giants harry Wundegauss to the north. Time travelers pester Sublagauss in the Skouring Sands of Skourenthe.

Astravis Epoch, aka Birds from the Sky
Certain city states make establish relationships with space faring civilizations, which they call Birds. Birds begin to use El-sai as a cosmic dump for their radioactive waste and garbage, mainly in the Skourenthe region. Elsai and its denizens are considered primitive on the cosmic scale by their neighbors.

Ringo Vinda, from Star Wars

Why eleven? Because the Astravis Era is the present era, and if my players find a weird artifact I can roll a d10 to determine which era is comes from. 

Could also come in handy for time travel, or an epochal campaign in which one party's action in an earlier epoch reverberate into another party's experience in a later epoch.

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