Tuesday, July 17, 2018

GLOG: Class: Time Wizard

"Where Time is but a loop, a loose stitch in the universal cloth, a time wizard might seize upon a chance, a fatal slip—and plunge the fate of planets into chaos."-Moebius the Time Streamer

Time Wizards are the wild cards in the deck that is Time. 

On Elsai, Time Wizards are more often called timestreamers, but they are referred to most of all as lords.
All timestreamers serve the Time Lich Kshar-mutti as his agents, advisers, and spearhead his military campaigns. Their status allows them a degree of privilege over the common masses, which fear the timestreamers for their iron rule.

by, Raphael Massarani

Wizard: Time

Perk: When you would roll a boon or bane, you can reroll one of the d6s once.

Drawback: Magic that would grant you boons, or would alter the probability of your rolls positively, has no effect on you.

1. Change your appearance to that of a child, an adult, or an old person.
2. Tell how old an object is just by looking at it.
3. Detect the closest temporal disturbance. A disturbance is any effect that influences time. You can sense the direction in which the disturbance occurs, but you can't gleam its exact nature.

by, Jonathon Reed

Time Wizard Spell List

1. Minor Paradox
R: 0
T: Self
D: 0
When you cast this spell, you may remove an action from the last [dice] rounds. Alternatively you may insert an action. 

2. To Dust
R: Touch
T: One Creature or Object
D: 0
You isolate the target object's existence and shift it through the timestream to the instance of it's most decrepit state. Books rot into mold, wood softens into pulp, lamps burn out, but stone is unaffected. If cast on a creature, the target ages [sum] years and might suffer the maladies of old age.

3. Flux Shield
R: Touch
T: One Creature
D: Concentration
You surround the target creature with a temporal flux field. The field causes the target to take only half damage from physical attacks. The other half is flung into the future. When the target has taken [sum] future damage, the spell ends and all damage is taken at once. Additionally any spells cast on the target take effect [dice] rounds later than normal.

4. Speed Gate 
R: 60'
T: 0
D: Concentration
You create a flat paper-thin gate 10' tall and 10' wide. One side of the gate is red while the other side is yellow. The gate cannot be moved once created, but you can chose which side faces you when you cast this spell. Creatures or objects that enter the red side of the gate travel an additional 1d8*10'; and if they enter the yellow side they travel 1d8*10' less. Additionally projectiles launched through the gate deal +/- [dice] damage. The spell ends automatically when the result of all d8s rolled equals [sum].

5. Magic Missile
R: 50'
T: Varies
D: 0
You unleash [dice] darts of coruscating energy from your hands that streak unerringly towards your target like ethereal piscids. You produce [dice] missiles and may divide them between targets as you see fit. Each missile does 1d4+[dice] damage.

6. After Image 
R: 0
T: Self
D: Concentration
You conjure timestamps of yourself seconds away from the present to surround you. You create 1d4+[dice] after images of yourself, which move and always stay within 5' of you. When attacked, roll to see if the enemy hits you or an after image. An after image vanishes after solid impact. Area effects will cause all images to vanish.

7. Temporal Shove
R: 30'
T: One Creature
D: [dice] Rounds
You fling a creature forward through the timestream. They appear to vanish from reality all together only to reappear [dice] rounds later. An affected creature isn't aware of the shift in time; from their perspective everything appears to suddenly shift around. When you cast this spell you must succeed on a Wisdom check or you're the one who is flung forward through time.

8. Stasis
R: Touch
T: One Creature
D: [sum] Minutes
The target creature is placed into a state of suspended animation, no save. The target's bodily functions cease and they grow no older.  This spell only affects creatures up to [sum] HD. If sum is 4 times the target's HD, the duration becomes permanent, and you can set the only condition that will cause the target to reanimate.

9. Temporal Bubble
R: 0
T: 20' diameter 
D: [dice]*10 Minutes
This spell creates a temporal bubble centered over the caster. Time will pass by faster inside the bubble while time outside will flow at the normal rate. This allows for 10 minutes to pass inside for every 1 minute outside. From the outside looking in everything will appear to be a blur, while for inside observers everything outside appears to move very slow.

10. Devolve
R: 60'
T: One Creature
D: [dice]+5 Rounds
You reverse the target's evolutionary clock to the most savage stage of their species' existence, save negates. The target gains d6+[dice] Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution; while losing d6+[dice] Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma (minimum 1). If the target's Intelligence falls below 5, they will eschew weapons for a claw/claw/bite attack (1d2/1d2/1d4; or +1/+1/+2 if the target already has this attack). The target must Save at the end of the duration or the effect is permanent.

11. Time Stop
R: 0
T: 0
D: [dice]+2 Rounds

You freeze the flow of time completely. This spell is the antithesis of time. As a result you gain [dice] banes for your next [dice] Rounds once the spell has ended.

12. Timestreaming Device  
R: 0
T: Device / Caster+[dice] Creatures
D: 0

This spell imbues a device with the power to travel through time. Constructing the device requires 1 week of work, a 10,000gp investment, and the casting of this spell on it. After these requirements have been met, you may cast this spell again to travel [sum] time into the past or future as long as you have the device on your person. The device counts as an oversized item. The amount of time that you can chose to travel through depends on the [sum] rolled.

1-4: Days
5-8: Months
9-12: Years
13-16: Decades
17-20: Centuries
21+: Millennia

by, Alex McC

1. MD only return to your pool on a 1-2 for 24 hours.
2. Take 1d6 damage.
3. Random mutation for 1d6 Rounds, then Save with a -4 penalty. Permanent if you fail.
4. You lose your Perk for 1d6 Turns.
5. You lose all sense of time for 1d6 Turns. You automatically lose Initiative rolls and are always surprised.
6. You're stuck in a time loop. For the next d6 Rounds, Save or repeat your last action.

1. You age 2d10 years.
2. Each time you cast a Time Wizard spell, Save or the spell causes a temporal disturbance.
3. A clone of yourself from a different time period appears in the world. Its mission is to obliterate you.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

GLOG: Class: Samurai

You gain +1 Initiative for every Samurai template that you posses. You gain +1 Move for every two samurai templates you posses.

A Bladestorm, Dodge
B Kiai
C Danger Sense, +1 Attack
D Tsubame Gaishi

Once per combat, you can make X+1 melee attacks where X is the number of Samurai templates you possess. Each attack must be against a different target. You can move up to 10ft between each attack.

While unarmored, you get +1 Defense per level, up to a maximum of +6

Once per day, you can unleash a fierce intimidating shout, causing all creatures within a 10ft radius and 1HD or less to make a Save vs Fear or take a morale check, flee from you, or surrender.

Danger Sense
If you are surprised, you have a 50% chance to act on the surprise round anyway.

Tsubame Gaishi
Once per combat, you can make an impossible unerring strike with your katana. Your attack automatically hits. Roll for damage normally. If your target isn't adjacent to you, you can teleport next to them to make the attack (reality-bending acrobatics, bursting from a cloud of cherry blossoms, etc). Or you can make the your melee attack from ranged (a cutting gust of wind, a whirling blade, etc).