Saturday, June 2, 2018

SDWC: Class: Scoundrels

Life in Gathox is like having your cake and watching someone else eat it. That someone else is the Scoundrel.

Scoundrels embody Gathox. Lie. Cheat. Steal. Reach the top. Get sent packing by the new hotness. Start all over again.

Playing the Scoundrel is like stepping into the shoes of Han Solo or Indiana Jones. You possess no super human traits. What you do have is your wits, a lot of luck, and questionable morals.

Class: Scoundrel

Starting Equipment: Leather armor, 2 daggers, handgun, 20 ammo, [1. Burgling Kit 2. Forgery Kit 3. Disguise Kit]

Kits are small toolsets that take up one inventory slot, but provide bonuses to the situations they're relevant to.
Burling Kits are relevant in situations in which you need to get into somewhere you're not supposed to be.
Forgery Kits are relevant in situations in which you need to copy a document or image that doesn't belong to you.
Disguise Kits are relevant in situations in which you need to be someone that you are not.

A: Know it All, Shoot First
B: A Little Luck
C: I Know A Guy
D: A Lot of Luck, Time to Leave

You gain +1 Stealth for each Scoundrel template you possess.

Know it All
You gain two additional wheelhouses.

Shoot First
If you surprise an opponent, your first attack against them during the first round of combat gets +2 Attack and deals +X damage where X is your [templates]*2.

A Little Luck
Once per day you can re-roll a non-damage roll.

I Know A Guy
Once per day, you can declare something you need. Invent an NPC and describe them. They have the thing you need and are willing to give it to you for a price. The DM determines your standings with this NPC.

A Lot of Luck
You gain an additional use of your "A Little Luck" ability. Additionally, one ally can re-roll a non-damage roll as long as it's reasonable that you were able to assist them.

Time to Leave
Once per day you can escape from something that is restraining you and that you could plausibly escape from. This includes grapples, lynchings, and awkward social situations, but not sealed coffins.

by Catalin Bercea

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