Tuesday, June 5, 2018

SDWC: Rules: Character Generation

This is how you make a character in Sex, Drugs, and Walled Cities.

1. Generate Ability Scores.
Roll your stats using the following method. Roll 4d6k3. Then assign that result to one ability. Repeat 5 more times and consult the chart below.

chart by Michael Bacon

2. Roll a Failed Career.
Your failed career was the nine-to-five you slaved away at before fate plucked you off your ass and buried you underneath a world of crime and violence.

Your failed career counts as a wheelhouse because it offered you some inside knowledge that your average Joe wouldn't know when you were working it.

3. Choose a Wheelhouse
Wheelhouses are overarching skills that you picked up in your life. Your Failed Career counts as one of them. Now you get to pick a second one.

Some classes offer you extra wheelhouses and you can invest time and money to learn more.

4. Choose a Class
Pick a class from the list. You gain Template A as well as any extras attached to the class.

5. Generate Derived Scores

Hit Points at first level = 6+Con mod.
After level 1 you gain d6+Con mod HP per level.

Stealth = 5+Dex mod-Encumbrance.

Move = 12+Dex mod-Encumbrance.

Save = 5+Cha mod+your number of templates.

Inventory = Strength Score+2.

6. Name your character
Pick a (un)suitable name for your character that slum dogs will remember for decades to come.

by Ehsan Fazeli

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