Thursday, May 31, 2018

All I Need is Sex, Drugs, and Walled Cities

Gathox is alive. It breathes. It flows. It grows. But most importantly it hungers. And every alien, human, and mutant is the godling's vittles. But it's not flesh it desires. Only one thing sates the living mountain: Strife.
Great Zhezhn fuel religious fervor and sow chaos and disorder, both with the purpose to fuel Gathox's hunger. Governance, order, and control are all viruses that are hunted down and destroyed by anti-bodies.
Buildings rise to impossible heights, growing maze-like corridors. Vertical gardens drape from their walls like sustenance-pocketed curtains. Eventually, it's all swallowed, for nothing is constant in Gathox.
What little governance the citizens are permitted take the form of gangs that constantly compete for territory, wealth, power, and respect. Meanwhile the Great Zhezhn pull there strings from places unseen.

This is going to be the index for my campaign set in David Lewis Johnson's Gathox setting. Gathox is built around Swords and Wizardry: Whitebox, but we play the GLOG in these parts, so a majority of the posts to follow will be devoted to creating, converting, or expanding on the following:

-Alien and Other races
-PC Classes
-The Gangland Game
-Vertical Dungeons

Kowloon, at night, the real world Gathox
The Index

The Scoundrel

A special thanks goes out to Luke Thomson of Iron & Ink for inspiring me to embrace the fever dream with his Pike and Shotte campaign.

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  1. I hope you post more about your Gathox Campaign. I plan to run some Gathox myself at some point.