Tuesday, June 12, 2018

GLOG: Class: Seraph

You gain +1 HP for every Seraph template you possess.

A Forge, Vestments
B Soul Fire, Break, Enchant
C Heavy Eater
D Kaioken

You can pay 1 HP to materialize a weapon of any type in your hand. This weapon is called a caliber. Only you can wield your caliber. If it leaves your hands, it vanishes. If you throw a caliber, the Attack resolves first before it vanishes.

You gain +2 Defense against Melee Attacks for every Seraph template you possess. This bonus is only active if you're wearing no armor and carrying a weapon no larger than a dagger.

Soul Fire
When you hit with an Attack using one of your calibers, you can pay X HP to deal 2X additional damage to your target.

You can pay X HP to break one of your calibers and deal X damage in a [your number of templates]*10' radius. You ignore the damage.

When you use your Forge ability, you can pay an additional d6 HP to give your caliber a minor magical effect. Minor magical effects don't boost stats nor can they force a target to Save.

Heavy Eater
If you consume double the required rations when taking a lunch, you restore an additional d6 HP.

Once per day can pay d8 HP to increase your Attack and Movement each by the amount of HP lost until the end of the round.

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