Sunday, May 27, 2018

GLOG: Class: Farrier

>>>>EDIT: This is a bad wizard. Do not use it in your GLOG game, unless you want to have a bad time! I'd delete this, but it is a good example of WHAT NOT TO DO when designing a glog wizard<<<<

Farriers are psychic monk ninja spies that utilize transmutation magic and their own psychic influence.

A: +1 CD, +1 Spell Slot, +2 Spells (1-6), Acrobatic Feat
B: +1 CD, +1 Spell Slot, +1 Spell (1-8), Mind's Eye
C: +1 CD, +1 Spell Slot, +1 Spell (1-10), Magic Resistance, +1 Attack
D: +1 CD, +1 Spell Slot, Trace

1. Create a phantasm, which is a non-magical object no larger than a horse that exists for 10 minutes. If the phantasm is mechanical you must understand how it functions before you can create it.
2. You can focus for one round to see up to 2 miles away.
3. Touch an object to learn its recent history. You may also receive impressions of its creator.

Acrobatic Feat
Once per scene you can perform a feat of acrobatics, which includes but is not limited to: jumps, leaps, flips, tumbles, catches (to avoid falling), swings, balancing, crossing rough terrain, handsprings, pole-vaulting, etc.

Magic Resistance
You reduce all incoming magic damage by 2. Once per day you can negate the effects of a spell that targets you.

Mind's Eye
Once per combat, you can observe your opponents and perfectly predict their actions next round.

If you discover a magic item, you can enact a ritual to save it to your brain. The ritual is 6 hours long and costs 1 spell slot. You can still cast spells, but you do not get the spell slot back until you erase the magic item from your brain.

As long as you have the magic item saved, you can summon one copy of it at will and it exists for 10 minutes.

Spell List
1. Break
2. Hold Person
3. Shield
4. Blink
5. Counterspell
6. Reinforce
7. Transmute
8. Shoot
9. Charm Person
10. Expand Self

R: 50' T: one phantasm D: [dice]x10 minutes
You pack one phantasm with psychic energy. The next time the object comes into contact with something, it explodes for d10+[sum] damage. If more than one CD is invested into this spell, increase the damage by 1d10 per CD above one.

Hold Person
R: 50' T: creature D: concenration, up to [sum] rounds
Target creature or object is locked in place. YOu must maintain concentration for this spell to work. Target can breathe and move their eyes, but cannot swim, fly, or perform any other action. The creature may Save each round to break free with a [dice] penalty.

R: 10' T: plane or sphere D: concentraion
Create a psychic barrier, 10'x10', centered up to 10' away. Alternatively, create a sphere centered on the caster 5' in diameter. The barrier has [sum] HP. All attacks against it hit.

R: 100' T: surface D: 0
You teleport to a surface you can see up to 100' away.

R: 50' T: area D: [dice]x2 rounds
For the duration, the next spell cast within the area with [dice] CD invested or less is countered. The Caster gets a Save to ignore this effect.

R: touch T: [dice] weapons D: 1 hour
Weapons you touch are enhanced, dealing an additional 1d4 damage.

R: touch T: one object D: [sum] minutes
You transmute the material composition of one object into another inorganic material.

R [dice] miles T: one ranged weapon D: 1o minutes
You enhance a ranged weapon to shoot beyond its normal capabilities, up to [dice] miles away.

Charm Person
R: 50' T: person D: [dice] hours
The person regards you as a good friend and ignores the obvious spell you just cast on them. If you invest 4 [dice] or more into this spell, the duration becomes permanent.

Expand Self
R: 0 T: 40ft area centered on the caster D: [dice]x2 rounds
You expand your mind, pushing back reality. Flavor your inner world as you see fit. As long as you stand within the area of your inner world, you gain [dice] bonus casting die.


  1. Two in one day, hot damn Chris, you are on fire!

  2. I had something totally different in mind when I saw the title, but this is neat too.

  3. Neat class! Mind if I offer some criticisms/ask for clarification?

    1. Cool beans!

      -I'm concerned that the "Acrobatic Feat" entry makes the class into a "Chandelier Swinger". Imagine if there was a class with the feature "once per day, you can swing from a chandelier." Does this mean other classes can't? Is this ability only open to this specific class? If the Thief also swings from a chandelier, does the Chandelier Swinger feel less special? After all, the Thief gets other stuff too.

      -This class seems very powerful. 2 cantrips are extremely broad. Phantasms are better Illusions (not sure if you're using Illusionist). Learning an object's recent history gives the players continual access to information. The Farrier is going to touch everything, like that robot from Prometheus.

      -Blink doesn't have any variable that uses [dice] or [sum], right?

      Just in general, this class seems very, very strong. It has zero downsides, restrictions, or penalties. Between Acrobatic Feat, magical damage reduction, and the ability to create phantasmal weapons, walls, armour, terrain, etc. the class seems like a true terror.

    2. Good points!

      I should say that this class has yet to see actual play. I created it for a friend who is going to play it in my upcoming campaign. With that said, the class is open to all sorts of revisions.

      Concerning chandelier swinging, I had not considered that it was a restrictive feature. In my mind it played out as "once per day you get a free swing on the chandelier, no strings attacks," where as another class might require some form of resolution like a die roll. I realize that this is open to DM interpretation. I know that if my player had the bravado to swing from a chandelier, I would just let it happen. With that said, the Acrobatic Feature seems like a non-feature, a feature in name only.It's probably best I replace or get rid of it.

      Concerning the cantrips, a theme of the class is that it creates objects out of thin air and its magic revolves around that, kind of like green lantern and hard light. So strictly speaking phantasms are better illusions because they are real, but still temporary. However I see what you mean in terms of power level. It's perhaps better off as a spell than a cantrip.

      As for the touch cantrip, I will agree that it is vague. I think if I redefine recent history as "the past 10 minutes" it will improve it.

      Blink does not have a variable. At first I didn't think it needed one but 100' is kind of bonkers. Maybe [dice]x20' instead?

      Those would be my solutions to the problems you presented. I'd love to hear your own!

    3. For the Acrobatic Feat - maybe reword it to "can perform one acrobatic feat per day - [examples] - without requiring a roll." or "automatically succeeding on any roll required." That way, you aren't explicitly discouraging other classes from doing acrobatics, but you're encouraging this class to do it at least once per session.

      I think this class has a lot of "solve any problem" tools. Need a bridge, a ladder, a rope, a hammer, a painting of the duchess, a statue, a hat? - the cantrip provides. It's very powerful and it has zero downsides. Green Lantern-type effects usually are.

      You could have it cost HP at the very least. 2 HP per use or 1d6 if you want to increase the risk.

      I'd make sure this class has some downsides. Paladins can command anything but can't speak - that's a huge downside in an RPG. Sorcerers have unlimited power but no self-control, so they explode a lot.

      What flavourful, interesting downside could you give this class to balance out the utility of the cantrips and the spell list?

  4. Would you mind if I used a variation on Trace for my Psion class?