Saturday, November 4, 2017

This post is a GLOG hack

So I've had this idea for an RPG floating around in my head forever and I'm sick of thinking about it. So I'm going to outline it in this very blog post.

Calling this rpg an rpg might be incorrect because it's not standalone. It is in fact a hack of Arnold's rpg GLOG because GLOG is great and lovely and I love templates. Regardless, this hack/rpg is called Verge because single syllable names for rpgs is the rage these days. Now Let's get into the meat and potatoes

Ability Checks
GLOG uses a roll under system but I'll be using a roll over system for Verge because I'm overly attached to nat 20s. Just roll a d20 and add the relevant ability score. If it beats a target number of 20, the roll is a success. The math is the exact same as a roll under system but flipped.

To physically accost something roll Strength or Dexterity. Your target's armor is applied as a penalty to this roll.

Armor is divided into light (+2), medium (+4), and heavy (+6). Shields, helmets, cool hats, and accouterments add +1 armor each.

Mortal wounds dealt with most weaponry is d6. Two-handed weapons, such a claymores, and dual-wielded weapons, such as twin katanas, deal +1 damage. Firearms and unique weapons deal exploding damage.

Verge uses a single type of save to avoid danger. To save Roll a d20 and beat a target number of 15. This target number decreases by 1 point for every level after first.

Hit Points
New characters begin with hit points equal to their Constitution score and gain d6 hit points per level after that.

Roll DEX. Encumbrance is applied as a penalty.

Roll 1d6, either for the group or individually. Ties are resolved with the highest Wisdom. Group ties go to the PCs.

(optional) Skills
Verge uses Benjamin David's skill rules. New characters begin with 3 skill points. These points can be invested in skills up to three ranks. Rank 1 is "Skilled", rank 2 is "Expert", and rank 3 is "Master". A vague "jack of all trades" roll is permitted to all characters. In this case the character rolls as "Unskilled".
Vague skills get vague results. Characters should be encouraged to pursue specific skills. i.e. don't pursue "Science", pursue "Biology" or "Geology".

Everything Else
GLOG....GLOG is everything else.

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