Sunday, October 29, 2017

Criminals of El-Sai: Bagolo The Exiled

I'm participating in Santicore for the first time ever this year and my request is "Enemies of the (werid?) state(s), their crimes, and their punishment should they be caught". So I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce some of the ne'er do wells of El-Sai.

The submitter asked that his request be delivered in table form, but I thought each criminal deserved a detailed post. So after the 6, 12, or 20 criminals that bless the rogue gallery with their mugs, I'll compile them all in a link-filled table.

So without further ado, allow me to call in our first scoundrel.

Bagolo The Exiled

What does he look like? Like most giants, Bagolo stands tall—16 feet to be exact. He's mostly humanoid. One arm, One leg, a head with an eye and an ear, that sort of stuff. But like all giants, where his belly should be there spins a galaxy, a portal to a new world—or so they say. But Bagolo's galaxy has dimmed with old age, as has his face, now craggy and sallow, and his skin, now grey and covered in warts and liver spots. But there is never not a smile on this old giant's cracked lips.

What does he do? Bagolo spends his days leaning against a mighty redwood in the Forest of Purrs, carving crude wooden statues of mangled woodland creatures. He is too weak to hunt anymore so he depends on his giant wolf Skaxi to bring him food. But he likes to walk the forest still, so he finds strength within him to grab his great totem and stride to a not-so-far-off river to retrieve water.

What does he want? Bagolo wants what any giant wants—information. He loves to be regaled with heroic tales as much to be assuaged with lessons on philosophy. He loves new words, mathematical proofs, and especially stories to fill his infinite mind.

What is his crime? Bagolo's crime is cowardice. During the ceremony in which he was to become a sacred Durgamat, that is to say a great keeper of knowledge destined to live out his eternal life as a blind stump chained to the walls of the Halls of Omniscience, only allowed to speak when some crazed Bigjmat, that is to say a keeper of durgamats, needed his knowledge, Bagolo cried for mercy. After his eye was plucked, his arm chopped, and his leg sliced, this mercy was given. Afterwards he was given his totem, the object that would mark him as a Zindimat, that is to say a hoarder of knowledge, and exiled from Spectagauss, the great city of giants where the summits rake the clouds. 

What is his punishment? Bagolo's exile was only a temporary reprieve, what giants might call a time out. So now Bagolo is being hunted by those that imprisoned him to freedom. Upon being found he will be caught and brought back to Spectaguass and forced to finish the ceremony. He will become durgamat.

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