Saturday, August 19, 2017

Tomb of the Toad God Session 1 Report: Dont Ooze and Cruise

So I planted myself in the dm's chair once more after a long hiatus, deciding to run Lamentaion of the Flame Princess and Tomb of the Forgotten Toad-People.

Blackforest Comics has open gaming every thursday so I posted an ad earlier in the week on their Facebook page.

Unfortunately only two people showed up, Gabe Jr, the owner's son, and Timmy, the owner's friend. Gabe Sr, the owner, was around and joined the game later but he had to go run his own game at the library for some kiddos.

Regardless of the small party the session ended up being pretty eventful.

I brought some pre-gens for potential noobys but Gabe Jr and Timmy decided to roll up their own.

In the first room the party got tpk'd by a Black Pudding after they tarried too long in its lair by collecting coins scattered amongst the 3 feet of bones lining the floor.

Then they rolled up some more characters, this time with random levels for a slight advantage, and tried the tomb again.

In the next room they discovered a floating toad-person in the lotus position that exploded into a cloud of dust when the pcs touched it.

Slightly disturbed they continued to the next room and encountered some yellow mold (that they lit on fire), fought some zombie toad-people, and discovered the cockatrice statue.

In the next room Timmy's character almost died horribly after triggering a poison gas trap but he was able to bash his way out of the room. After that they surfaced to rest up.

At this time we braked for pizza and Gabe Sr joined the fray.

They dived back in, fought some more zombies, who were suspiciously more dwarvish, and Timmy's character got eaten by a Gelatinous Ooze in the next room. After that the Gabes retreated and we called it a night.

Not sure what the state of the campaign will be next week because Timmy is having to go out of town for a few months. I might just do one-on-one with Gabe Jr. If that doesn't work out I might try to get something going online once I move into my new digs.

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