Sunday, October 21, 2018

The Creati

A Creati possesses the ability to recreate non-living objects from their body by breaking down their own fat at the molecular level.

A Creation, Book Learning
B Spot Weakness
C Creation II
D Lucky Bag, Danger Sense

You can recreate a 5' non-living object after one Round of concentration. Afterwards eat a ration or suffer 1 point of CON damage. 
You must have seen the object and understand how it works in order to recreate it. If the object is magical you can recreate its form but not its magical properties.
Your creations last for one Round per level before reverting to fat.

Book Learning
You gain two additional skill. All you knowledge of these skills come from books that you own.

Spot Weakness
Once per scene you can observe a creature for one Round. Afterwards you learn a weakness, secret, or fear the creature has. If you use this information to bring harm to a creature, it translates to +1d12 damage or an automatic failure on a Save.

Creation II
Now you can create a 10' non-living object after one Turn of concentration. Afterwards eat a ration or suffer 1 point of CON damage.
Now your creations last for one Turn per level before reverting to fat.

Lucky Bag
You can launch a small bag from your chest up to 40'. The bag contains contents that you get to determine. Up to six objects that are no bigger than a bread loaf can fit into the bag. Afterwards eat d6 rations or suffer the same amount of CON damage.

Danger Sense
If you are surprised you have a 50% chance to act on the surprise round anyway. If you do you get a free one-time use of your Spot Weakness ability.

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