Sunday, October 21, 2018

I don't know what to write

So I'm writing about it.

I've struggled with this blog. And the recent G+ apocalypse has inserted the thought of burning everything to the ground once or twice. The issue is that I have no idea what I wan't to write about.

Going into this blog I decided I wanted to produce things that I would read and use myself. But I've discovered that there's not a lot of interesting things to write about in that regard.

I run my games barebones. Here's a dungeon. Your characters are inside it. What do you do? There's no real intent behind it. It's just how I've come to DM. You see my problem here?

I can't produce things I'd read or use myself because there's nothing I need to read or use. The current way I use things is fine and I see no need to sacrifice that for producing content online.

If a situation comes up where I need to do some work I can just swipe something online. We live in an age where nothing is new under the sun. Why would I reinvent the wheel when I have a fine wheel right here?

So that's why this blog is suffering. I'm sure there's something I can write about. But I'm not sure what that is. But it feels like I'm getting close.

I don't know. I'm just going to keep churning out shit until it turns into gold.


  1. Why not write up what you did in your games. If you don't have prep you can share I'm sure we'd all like to read how your game went down and what you created on the fly.

    I certainly enjoyed your TPK post.

  2. Yeah, I'm always looking for recommendations about where to find good content, adventures,tables, etc.

    What are you using at the table? What's your process?

  3. How is GLOG Target 21 going? I'm actually quite interested in implementing that.

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  5. Seems like you have a lot of cool stuff here without knowing what you're doing. I say keep going and see what happens!