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You gain +1 HP and Move for every Farrier template you possess

A: Origin of Concept, Materialize: Object, Materialize: Sacred Relic
B: Divining Strike, Read Object
C: Resolute Soul
D: Materialize: Inner World, Inner Journey

Origin of Concept
Your inner world revolves around a single idea. This idea can be anything. It can be vague, or it can be specific. The only stipulation is that the idea must be something grounded in the real world. For example, you couldn't choose Darwinism because that idea is completely conceptual. It must be something tangible like a toy or gun.

Materialize: Object
You can materialize one object from your inner world into reality. This object remains tangible for one round per Farrier template.

Materialize: Sacred Relic
You can materialize one sacred relic from your inner world. You possess one relic per Farrier template. Sacred relics are objects of extraordinary power that reside in your inner world. They remain tangible for one round per Farrier template. Once you utilize a relic's power, you must take a long rest to meditate and realign your thoughts in order to utilize its power once more.

Divining Strike
Your specific martial arts allows you to read your opponent psychically the longer you fight them. As part of an Attack, you can mark your opponent. As long as they are marked you gain an advantage against them, and if you roll a gambit, you can ask the DM one question about the opponent instead of taking the usual result. The DM is obligated to answer the question truthfully, however he is not obligated to be clear and precise.

Read Object
You can hold a real object that is associated with your Origin of Concept and concentrate for a round to learn certain information related to that object. You learn who the owner of the object is and of any events that occurred recently in which the object was present.

Resolute Soul
You gain +1 Save against Fear, Charm, and Sleep per Farrier Template

Materialize: Inner World
You can replace a 40ft area of reality with your inner world. The area is filled with 1d20+10 objects that you can control mentally. You can psychically attack with one of these objects for d6 damage by concentrating for a turn. Alternatively you could concentrate for a round to make a psychic barrage attack for d12 damage. You gain +1 HP, Save, and Move while you stand within the area.

Inner Journey
Once in your lifetime you may take an Inner Journey. You can transfer your complete consciousness to your inner world, along with the consciousnesses of anyone willing to share in your journey. On this journey you will face true peril. You will face fears you never knew you had. You will be tempted by vices that at once seemed petty. And before the end what it means to be you will be redefined. However, at the end of your journey you will discover your Id Mythos. An Id Mythos is a sacred relic all your own. It is constructed from you and made by you. It is an object that represents the mental you and the physical you. It is both your twin and yourself, and in your hands it is capable of terrible power.

By Ken Jyi Lim
Mechanical Notes
This class is very open-ended and requires a lot of cooperation on the part of the DM and the player. Therefore it is not recommended for new or inexperienced players.

Sacred Relics: Sacred Relics are supposed to be objects with powerful effects that are out of the ordinary. They should have an effect on the game bigger than a simple mechanical bonus. Likewise a Farrier's Id Mythos is a Sacred Relic taken to 11. Much consideration must be devoted to a Farrier's Id Mythos if he plans to obtain it.

Advantages and Gambits: These are oddities of the homebrewed attack system I'm using for my current campaign. In a traditional OSR game a gambit is the equivalent of a critical success. An advantage can be equated to a system's situational bonuses.

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