Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Two Worlds

Just a quick post to note two settings that are my current pet projects. The first is geared towards my OSR games while the second is more of a thought experiment asking the question "What would home look like 100 years after the Apocalypse?" It'll also be the setting of my Apocalypse World games, if I can get that going.

Remember that episode of Star Trek were Kirk and crew beam down to a world filled with mobsters waging a never ending gang war? Inisfal is like that except "The Book" is Peter Berresford Ellis's "Celtic Myths and Legends."

In this case the Iotians don't model their own culture after the book. Instead they seed some rockball with life and sprinkle it with all that Celtic awesomery. The result is a little off though. After all we are dealing with a civilization so advanced that our culture is as alien to them as their culture is alien to us.

Robots roam freely with fairies. Kings' guards shoot lasers while their soldiers clash swords. Space stations orbit dragon-filled skies, etc, etc. The world is peppered with sci-fi experiment and fantasy wonders.

Weird Texas
Everyone thinks about creating a post apocalyptic wasteland of their home state, right? Well Weird Texas is just that.

In the year 2XXX what's left of civilization clings to life in shitty hovels carved out of ancient super stores, hospitals, and other big buildings.

Humankind as we know it is extinct. What remains are weird mutants warped by the radioactive/magical energy that destroyed the world. Not many survive that remember how everything went to shit. Those who do are old and disillusioned like a kid after his first dental surgery.

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