Friday, March 24, 2017

The Card People of Casin

Casinites live in tribes of exactly 52 members called Decks. Decks are further divided into 4 suits, which are lead by a king, queen, and jack, called royals. The rest of the members are refereed to as pips 2, 3, etc. The only exception is pip 1, which is refereed to as the ace.

Casinites of different suits show a general animosity towards one another but tolerate each other as equals for the survival of the deck as a whole. They absolutely can't stand Casinites of another deck and will actively try to kill them, especially if they are of the same suit or rank.

Royals lead the individual suits with kings having the most authority followed by queens and jacks. Royals gather in a council of twelve to lead the deck. All pips are equal and serve the royals, except for the aces. Aces are considered √úbermensch figures that are above the control of the royals. They are celebrated as heroes and are allowed to do as they wish. However they tend to support the deck whole-heartedly and defend it with their lives.

Occasionally a Casinite known as a Joker is born. Jokers masquerade as other suits and ranks with the goal of sowing chaos among the deck. A Joker, if discovered, will be kept alive and tortured endlessly until a new Casinite is born to take his place.

When a previous Casinite dies another is born. The newborn inherits the deceased's rank and suit, which is painfully tattooed in the fashion of Jem and the Holograms, Ziggy Stardust, or Kiss.

The number of members never exceeds or precedes 52. This constant appears to be entirely coincidental to scholars as Casinite show pregnancy patterns and life spans identical to humans.

Personality wise Casinites show little emotion. Their concerns are mostly of an empirical nature. Exact measurements, weight, and distance are important to a Casinite but other matters are paltry. They know the exact amount of flour needed to bake a cake but care nothing for its taste. As a result Casinites are quite droll in conversation.

Ability Score Increase: +1 to rank random abilities. If Intelligence or Charisma are rolled, -1 to those instead.

You know the right number for anything. You know how long/wide that hallway is regardless of your pace. You know the exact number of arrows in that archer's quiver. You know how many hell mushrooms are needed to make the fabled satan elixir of Mo'gadesh. You don't know from which this knowledge springs but you know it regardless.

You're wont to assign rank and suit to everyone you meet. If they're of the same suit, you treat them normally. If not, or they share your rank, you don't like them but tolerate them. If they're the same rank and suit as you, you want to kill them as soon as possible. If they're a royal or ace you will serve them with no questions. God help them if they're a joker.

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