Sunday, July 14, 2019

Mini DM Screen

I made this mini DM screen. It's cheap and easy to make. (Check out Dungeon Craft when you have a chance. Their channel is a treasure trove for OSR and DIY DMs.)

The above screen is for my Elsai setting, which is like a really bad Conan X Mad Max fanfic written by Terry Pratchett. Each image invokes an aspect of the setting. On the left we have Conan, who represents the "Sword" in Sword and Sorcery. Next to him we have an image of the planet itself, desolate and ringed by the dilapidated space station constructed by lizardfolk in ages past. Then we have a war rig, something you'd see in Mad Max. Lastly we have one of the eight tyrannical liches who represent the "Sorcery" in Sword and Sorcery.

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