Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Hunt for Moorcock

I've begun my foray into the works of Michael Moorcock with Elric Melniboné and Other Stories. It's the first of a series of collections that tell Elric's story in chronological order. I'm glad I found it because otherwise I would have had to scrounge up the old books, and a wizard seemingly cast an enlarge spell on their price tags, and my local library keep pulp fantasy at bay with a 10' pole.

Anyway the reason for this post is the dapper gentleman:

Nothing screams epic fantasy to me more than feather plumes and porn staches. Does anyone know who this artist happens to be? I could find no signature or credit.


  1. Sorry I can't help.
    Its nice to know someone else is currently on a Moorcock binge. I'm reading the Runestaff presently.

  2. This page has James Cawthorn as the artist maybe?