Saturday, September 1, 2018

Escape the Island

A Jeff Rients style escape table for Skerple's piratical GLOG, and other wavecrawl island-hopping style games, for when you need to end the session early or in the middle of combat.

PCs must Save or roll on the Escape the Island table below. Their Save is modified by plus or minus the difference between their level and how far away their current hex location is from the landing hex of their ship. For example, a second level character three hexes away from their landing point would have a -1 penalty on their Save. On a failure, roll on the table below 

Escape the Island! (d20)

1. Ye Scurvy dog! Ye manage to escape and board yer vessel safe and sound with all yer loot.
2. Ye escape but are gutted somethin foul! Take 4d6 damage.
3. Ye manage to board yer ship, and so does somethin else! The DM will roll a wanderin monster which will be resolved at the start of the next session.
4. Ye escape but crawled onto the wrong ship! Roll 1d6, 1—3 they're friendly, 4—6 they're not. Save again to see if yer allies notice.
5. Ye escape but are captured by slavers. They strip ye of all yer loot and haul ye off to the nearest port, and put ye to auction for Level*1000gp. Save again to see if yer allies notice.
6. Ye escape but are conscripted by a local warband under penalty of death! They confiscate all of yer equipment. Save again to see if yer allies notice.
7. Ye emerge from the smoke naked and delirious.
8. Ye escape with half yer loot. The DM will determine randomly what loot is lost.
9. Ye escape with 1d6 pieces of loot missing. The DM will determine randomly what loot is lost. 
10. Ye escape but yet loot is stolen by island denizens. Save again to get a whiff of their trail.
11. Yer swallowed by a leviathan of the deep! Save again to see if ye survive. Save a third time to see if yer allies catch the sea monster's trail.
12. Captured! Island denizens haul ye off to the closest dungeon/settlement. Save again to see if they don't execute ye in ritualistic fashion. Save a third time to see if yer allies notice!
13. To Davy Jone's locker with ye! Any escaped allies are able to bring yer remains and loot back to the ship.
14. No dog left behind! Ye die but any escaped allies are able to bring back yer remains. Yer loot is lost forever.
15. Dead as the gallows! Yer allies know the general location of yer corpse.
16. Scurvy dog it's what's for dinner! Eaten by monsters or island denizens. They add yer loot to their hoard of treasure.
17. Now the enemy! Yer killed and brought back as a minion of monsters or island denizens.
18. Taken as a trophy! Yer petrified, polymorphed, de-limbed, or otherwise made immoble to be put on display for a local monster or island denizen. Save again to see if yer allies notice.
19. They spin tales of ye as they pass grog. Yer body and loot are lost forever!
20. Stab 'em in the back! Pick an ally who escaped. Roll 1d6, 1—4 yer buddy takes yer place and has to roll on this table while ye escape, 5—6 ye both suffer the fate rolled.

by Wojtek Kapusta 

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