Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Dealing with Ogres

The Night Axe Ogres of Hot Spring Island hold dominion over bone and obsidian. They use their powers to craft efficient tools and deadly weapons that aid in their quest for vengeance against Svarku and his Fuegonauts.

The Night Axe are willing to offer their finely crafted useful objects to adventurers in exchange for more resources (hide, bone, obsidian, etc.)

Every time the PCs bring at least 100gp worth of resources to the Night Axe, roll on the Night Axe Treasures table (HSI pp. 160, 166-167.) It'll take the Night Axe 1d10 days to complete the crafting process. Subtract 1 day from the process for each additional 100gp worth of resources the PCs bring, minimum 1 day.

The below table offers some stats geared toward the GLOG system, but can be easily converted for any other retroclone.

ResultEntryAdditional Notes
1—2Bait PouchCan store up to 4 inventory slots worith of items. If containing meat and opened, there's a 50% chance that d6+1 Zip Birds will converge on the location.
3—4Basket of Regrowthcontains enought whale fat for 6 uses.
5—6Blade of Martok
7—8Bluescale Hood
9—10Bluescale Slippersgrants +2 Defense
11—12Bone Mallet of Straight FlightDeals d6 damage on a hit, plus if a creature is killed, the spike travels through them and attacks the next creature behind them.
13—14Bone Necklace of Salamader BlindnessWhen donned, provides 1 Round of Invisibility against Salamanders if moving. 10 minutes if completely still. Has 12 uses.
15—16Bonespell Necklace
17—18Bubble Bracelet
19—20Candle of Relaxation
21—22Censer of LearningRequires 1 inventory slot worth of Foraged Herbs from the island to be burned. Other herbs might work. 1 person can inhale the smoke to gain perfect photographic memory for the next 4 hours.
23—24Coppermance Prowler FeathersDestroy a feather to teleport to a location 50' away that you can see.
25—26Counting Pouch
27—28Cube of AntsBreaking the cube unleashes a horde of d20+40 bullet ants. They prioritize fuegonauts and their allies.
29—30Fireproof Blanket3x8' foot blanket that absorbs up to 20 fire damage before exploding in a puff of ash.
31—32Giggling Sling Stones
33—34Gourd of WaterContains a mounful water elemental (HD 8, Attack 15, Defense 19, dmg 1d8, +1d8 dmg against submerged targets.) The elemental must be coaxed out of his gourd.
35—36Lady Finder
37—38Obsidian Shrapnel
39—40Obsidian Water Grenadesexplodes for 1d6 damage in a 20' radius.
41—42Paw'lard's Perfumegrants +4 to reaction rolls. Has 12 uses.
43—44Paw'lard's Wooden Spoondeals 1d10 damage and takes up two inventory slots worth of space. The meat of slain creatures is perfectly preserved.
45—46Red Crystal Firestarter
47—48Red Scale Bootssolidifies a 10x10' area of lava over 1 round.
49—50Redball8 uses
51—52Rockcrackerdeals 1d10 damage and takes up two inventory slots worth of space. Once per day can open up a 5x10' crack in stone. Useless afterwards for 24 hours.
53—54Runed Bird Skull HelmGrants a STR of 20 when wounded or dying.
55—56Runed Bird Skull Pauldrongrants +2 Defense
57—58Runed Bone Haftdeals d6 damage and has a reach of 10'
59—60Runed Bone Torch
61—62Runed Head of Obsidian Blindnessprovides 1 Round of invisibility against obsidian bladeguards if moving.10 minutes if completely still. Has 12 uses.
63—64Runed Salamader Jawbonegrants +1 Defense and the wielder ignores 4 points of damage from fire or heat sources.
65—66Salamader Deciever's Dice
67—68Scrimshawed Ear Gaugesif pierced through the ear, grants the wearer the ability to communicate telepathically with any other creatures wearing the gauges. The telepathic line is open and private conversations aren't possible if multiple creatures are wearing the gauges.
69—70Silver Gloves of Obsidian Artillery
71—72Silver Hair Belt
73—74Silver Sack of Nuggets
75—76Silver Tongue Skull
77—78Silversight Hood
79—80Silverzip Bola
81—82Singing Rope
83—84Slipshine Oil
85—86Stay Fresh Bag
87—88Strap of Facesallows the wearer to counsel with the God of Vengeace. Has 6 uses.
89—90Training AxeAny creature that attempts to lift the axe must Save or be caught in an hour long trance. During the trance they're body will run through axe manuevers.
91—92War Horn of Friendship
93—94Watertight Basket
95—96Whalebone Lockone locked only the owner can pry it loose.
97—98Wind Glove
99—100Wooden Multitool

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