Thursday, May 25, 2017

Things to Hack from The Black Hack

I finally downloaded The Black Hack (TBH) and here's a list of mechanics and rules from it that I'm thinking about hacking into my version of 5e.

  • Armor points: "Once a player or monster has used armor to adsorb its maximum amount, they are too tired or wounded to make effective use of it again—they then begin taking full damage." Maybe not as is from TBH but a variant of James Young's Wear and Tear mechanic. I'm thinking armor types have different thresholds of damage and when those thresholds are surpassed the armor takes a notch.
  • Attribute tests: Instead of factoring in proficiency and strength or dexterity, every action is a simple "roll d20 under attribute." Could be expanded upon with Zocchi dice. Might be too groundbreaking for 5e. Needs more consideration.
  • Movement & Distance: breaking distance up into Close, Nearby, Far-Away, and Distant suits my theatre of the mind style more and can easily be represented with minis, index cards, etc.
  • Encumbrance: using strength as a measuring stick for inventory is intuitive and effective. Plus it promotes a slots style of inventory management a la Lamentations. Diminutive items take up no space while Oversized items take up two.
  • Usage Dice: speaks for itself. I love this mechanic.

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